Part 4: Getting Goodies

There are several ways to get free items and other goodies in the game.

Poke Stops

Poke Stops

Visit Poke Stops to refill Poke Balls, Razz Berries, Revives and more …

Poke Stops are fixed locations, usually a public landmark of some sort, that you can visit and get free items every 5 minutes. You must be physically near a Poke Stop in order to access the Poke Stop, spin the photo for the Poke Stop, and you should then get some random items.

Items include: Poke Balls (most likely), Potions, Revive, Razz Berry




Leveling Up

You get free stuff every time you level up. This is why getting XP is important, as it allows you to level up more quickly. More valuable items that you can get via level up include Lure Modules and Incense.

Catching Pokemon

Catching a Pokemon will earn your three Candies (note that each Pokemon has their own candy, so for example, catching a Krabby will give you 3 Krabby Candies) as well as Stardust.


You can transfer your unwanted Pokemon to Professor Willow. You will earn one Candy for each Pokemon you transfer. Note that the candy earned is always for the most unevolved version of that Pokemon (evolved versions also use the same candy when powering up or evolving), and you only earn one candy even if you’re transferring an evolved Pokemon (kind of a rip off, especially after you’ve spent 50 candies evolving it only for it to have a bad move set, but what can you do?)


Being in a Gym allows you to earn 500 Stardust and 10 Pokecoins every 21 hours as part of your Defender Bonus.

Paying for stuff

You can buy Pokecoins with real money, and then use Pokecoins to buy all sorts of items, but we’re cheapskates so we’re not going to talk about this!

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