Part 1: Settings

Welcome to Pokemon Go! And welcome to this Quick Start Guide for the hit game, which attempts to get you started playing like a pro in the fastest possible time, with the least amount of text to read (who wants to read when you can play!)

Screenshot from Pokemon Go - Main Menu

Click on the “poke ball” to access the main game menu

Let’s start by going to the Settings section for the game, which can be accessed via the main “poke ball” menu, and then by clicking on the “Settings” option at the top right.

The Settings section is pretty bare, but there’s a really neat option that you should enable if you don’t want your phone to be out of battery in no time.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go - Settings -> Battery Saver

Turn on “Battery Saver”

By enabling the Battery Saver option, whenever your phone is held upside down (when the top of the phone is pointing towards the ground), the main map screen will be turned off, GPS refreshes reduced to save battery, but you’ll still get notifications for things like finding a new Pokemon, and the game will continue running in the background to track your progress.

Got a Tip? Or spot something not quite right on this page (my bad)? Post everything in the comments below.

  • PaulBHH

    How can I get a username? Every one I choose gets kicked out.

    • Getting an username within the game? I guess it’s hard because the game is so popular, and so all the good names are already taken. Just keep on trying, add more numbers to the end of your normal username, and hope for the best!