Bug Workaround: Pokemon Not Spawning With Lures and Incense

Pokemon GO may be a huge success, this doesn’t mean it’s not without bugs. One potential annoying bug that some (but not all) have reported is that at places with lures, or if you’ve placed your own incense, Pokemon are not appearing every 5 minutes like they’re supposed to.

So if you’re not getting a new Pokemon at 25, 20, 15 … minutes as indicated by the incense countdown timer, then you know you’re a victim of the bug.

Screenshot showing Force Quit Pokemon Go in Android

Force Quit – your new friend when playing the buggy Pokemon Go

Until Niantic fixes this and the thousands of other bugs in the game, there’s a simple work-around – shut down the app and restart, especially after you’ve just caught something. You can’t just minimize the app, you have to actually force quit and then restart – this is the only way to force Pokemon GO to do a refresh with the server.

In fact, you might have to do this for a lot of situations (such as when you can still move around the map, but can’t access the main game menus, or if the game freezes just after you catch a Pokemon).

To force quit in iOS, double click the Home button, find the Pokemon Go app, and then flick the app up to quit.

To force quit in Android, click on the Recent Applications button, find the Pokemon Go app, and then swipe the app to the right to quit.