Pokémon GO Game, App Update (July 2016)

There has been a major game update, along with an update to the app, which has been updated to version 0.31.0.

The game update re-tunes the strength of quite a few standard and special attacks, balancing the game somewhat when it comes to gym battles. The spawn/nest locations have all changed as well. There will be a separate post later on with more details on these updates.

The app update features several changes, mostly cosmetic and UX related, which include:

  • Bolder fonts to make text clearer
  • Added ability to customize player appearance (not just at sign up)
  • Moved Journal button to separate menu
  • Moved Transfer button to separate menu, plus removed map showing where the Pokemon was caught (possibly to improve server performance)
  • Removed “footsteps” from Nearby Pokemon feature (possibly to improve server performance)
  • Changed graphics for medals
  • Improved certain animation in the game
  • Added warning disclaimer message on game loading
  • Bug fixes