Why do Pokemon run away? And what you can do about it!

Screenshot showing a Pinsir running away

Don’t you just hate it when this happens?

You hate it when it happens, and it’s been happening more often as you level up, but that prized Pokemon you’ve finally found after hours of walking just decided to smoke, and run away. And then you wonder, why do bad things happen to good Pokemon trainers?

As you encounter tougher (higher CP) Pokemon, you’ll increasingly get a random chance of the Pokemon running away. It’s most likely your throw was just not good enough (and did not get one of the bonuses associated with a good throw), or it’s just random bad luck.

You can decrease the chance of this happening by doing a couple of things. First of all, you can throw better (duh!). Second, if you encounter a really tough Pokemon, you can throw a Razz Berry at it (see video below on how to do it), which increases the chance of a successful catch on your next throw. Lastly, you can use a Great Ball instead of the regular Poke Ball, which also improves your chances.

Please note that even using a Razz Berry and a Great Ball does not guarantee a catch – Pokemon can still run away, but the chance of it happening will have been reduced greatly!

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